Launched in 2020, Enough Already is a multi-stakeholder coalition determined to address and prevent workplace sexual harassment in Saskatchewan. We are committed to working with government, business, industry associations, unions and community organizations to make workplaces throughout Saskatchewan safe for everyone.

Our Goals

The mandate of our coalition is to:

  1. Increase awareness about sexual harassment in Saskatchewan’s workplaces.
  2. Provide support and education to:
    • Those who have experienced sexual harassment
    • Employees who have witnessed sexual harassment
    • Perpetrators of sexual harassment
    • Managers and employers
    • Those preparing to enter the workforce (e.g. students)
    • Business advocacy organizations
    • Community and municipal advocacy organizations
  3. Reduce and prevent incidences of sexual harassment that affect the lives of too many people in our province, both directly and indirectly.
  4. Bring about a change in long-established societal attitudes and behaviours.

Who We Support

Enough Already is about supporting people who have experienced or are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, including the specific and targeted needs of:

  • Women
  • Young persons (15+) entering the workforce
  • Indigenous persons
  • Newcomers and visible minorities
  • Those who identify as LGBTQIA2+
  • Persons with disabilities

Our Partners

The mandate of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC) is to meet the objects of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. It promotes the recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal, inalienable rights of all members of the human family. SHRC also furthers public policy that supports freedom for every person, equality in dignity and rights and discouragement and elimination of discrimination.

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce represents and advocates on behalf of all sizes of businesses, local chambers of commerce and professional associations. As the voice of Saskatchewan business, the Chamber advocates on behalf of members to elected politicians and senior government officials. By representing a broad spectrum of community life in the province, the Saskatchewan Chamber is uniquely equipped to develop policies that accurately reflect the needs of the business community.

Established in 1912, the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan is the oldest law school in Western Canada, exemplifying a tradition of excellence in teaching, research and innovation.
With a strong history in Indigenous legal education, developing strength in dispute resolution and access to justice, and leading emerging scholars in the fields of constitutional law, health law, criminal law and commercial law, the college also offers a highly-regarded mooting program, joint degree programs and global exchange opportunities.

CREATE Justice was established in response to both national calls to action and a local recommendation by participants at the 2015 meeting of the Dean’s Forum on Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice. The Canadian Bar Association’s Reaching Equal Justice Report called on three Canadian law schools to establish a centre of excellence for access to justice research. Further, a National Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters called on stakeholders to help improve the dismal state of access to justice in  Access to Civil and Family Justice: A Roadmap for Change. At the local level, CREATE Justice was motivated by members of the Dean’s Forum.

SASS is a non-profit registered charitable umbrella organization of 10 member agencies across the province. It’s the provincial leader for coordinating, collaborating and capacity building in creating a province free of sexual violence. SASS creates opportunities for members and communities to collectively work together through the sharing of resources and building of sustainable partnerships.

SIEC is a bridge between Saskatchewan’s career opportunities and Saskatoon area youth. Through partnerships with businesses, K-12 and post-secondary schools, and unique, hands-on career exploration events, SIEC creates programs that are designed and delivered to students, helping them to find a career that connects their passion and natural talents with current and future workforce needs.

Become a Partner

No one agency, organization or sector has the ability to address sexual harassment in the workplace alone. It can (and does) occur within all businesses and across all professions. Preventing sexual harassment requires strong leadership and commitment from business, employer and government champions in all sectors.

Enough Already is building an ever-expanding network of organizations and groups dedicated to making real change in workplace sexual harassment, adding new stakeholders/partners with every workshop, seminar and outreach event.

Stand up against sexual harassment in the workplace. Become an Enough Already partner and help build a lasting solution.


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