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Claims of sexual harassment can have a drastic impact on your business both culturally and financially. As an owner, it’s your responsibility not only to be informed and aware of workplace sexual harassment best practices and procedures, but to create a workplace free from harassment and abuse. We’re here to help.


Enough Already provides support and strengthens your company by offering education and tools. Our team will work with you to respond to your unique workplace needs and help to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment in your workplace.

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What can you do to create a harassment-free workplace?

  • Create a code of conduct or respectful workplace policy
  • Establish a workplace harassment policy
  • Ensure all employees know the policy by making it part of the employee orientation process (e.g. posting in a common staff area, making it accessible on the company intranet, publicizing it in Human Resources and OH &S manuals and other forms of communication)
  • Provide training to all employees on harassment policies and processes
  • Take every complaint seriously
  • Set up a confidential complaint process for people who have experienced sexual harassment
  • Inform all parties of the results of any complaint

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Taking a stand against sexual harassment is good business

Did you know that employers are legally responsible for creating a safe, healthy and respectful workplace free from sexual harassment and related retaliation?

Having a strong policy against sexual harassment also says a lot about your organization and what you stand for – to customers and employees alike. It not only makes you a more desirable business to work with or for, but can also have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Are you a federally legislated employer?

  1. Read the federal government announcement and explore other resources for federally regulated workplaces.
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  2. Check out the news release, which includes other associated links to helpful resources.
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  3. Take an in-depth, technical look into the new legislation/labour code.
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