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Sexual harassment is not a problem specific to any one institution, organization or industry. It exists in virtually every sector of the economy and across all professions.

In 2016/17, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Occupational Health and Safety reported 218 investigations related to sexual harassment. In 2017/18, 190 investigations were reported. During that same period, more than 14% of all human rights complaints in Saskatchewan alleged sexual harassment.

Let’s work together to end workplace sexual harassment in Saskatchewan.


Here’s how you can get started

  • Create a code of conduct or respectful workplace policy
  • Establish an anti-harassment policy [click to see examples]
  • Review and strengthen an existing policy
  • Ensure all employees know the policy by making it part of an employee onboarding process, posting it in a common staff area, putting it in memo form, including it in the company newsletter, publicizing it in HR and orientation manuals
  • Take every complaint seriously
  • Set up a confidential complaint process for victims of sexual harassment and for bystanders of sex sexual harassment
  • Let employees know that penalties will follow sexual harassment – including written or verbal reprimands, suspension and potential termination
  • Implement a monitoring system

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