Sexual harassment is damaging, demoralizing, disrespectful and discriminatory.

Sexual harassment is unwarranted sexual conduct that interferes with the rights guaranteed by The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. It can be verbal, physical or visual.

Most sexual harassment occurs in the workplace. The Code’s provisions against sexual harassment do not rule out office romance, flirtation or good-natured jesting that is accepted by both parties. Sexual harassment refers to unwelcome behaviour that the harasser knew, or should have known, would be unwanted.

Sexual harassment is an expression of power. It is often accompanied by threats, promises or abuse. The harasser is usually someone in authority who uses power to intimidate another.

How to File a Complaint

Sexual harassment can include:

  • Sexual remarks
  • “Jokes” with sexual overtones
  • A sexual advance or invitation
  • Displaying offensive pictures or photographs
  • Threats
  • Leering
  • Physical contact (touching, patting, pinching or brushing against)

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Did you know?

  • Women are more vulnerable to sexual harassment because of workplace power differences
  • Men can experience sexual harassment
  • Many people who experience sexual harassment don’t report it
  • Workplace sexual harassment is not limited to the office. It can occur at work parties, on business trips, during conferences, at work-sponsored events, etc.
  • Perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment can be: co-workers, supervisors, employers, clients, contractors and members of the public
  • People may harass you because you are LGBTQIA2+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and two-spirit)

Additional Resources

The Shift Project

If you’ve experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, you may be entitled to 2 hours of free legal advice though the Shift Project.

Learn More
Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission is an arms-length provincial government agency tasked with receiving, investigating and adjudicating human rights complaints.

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