How can Enough Already help me?

Enough Already provides support and strengthens your organization by offering free education and tools. Our team will work with you to respond to your unique workplace needs and help to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment in your workplace. All training is provided free of charge.

General educational presentations have been developed and are available for you to customize to meet the needs of your workplace.

Some of the available presentations include:

  • Overview of Sexual Harassment (for employees)
  • Overview of Sexual Harassment (for supervisors/managers)
  • Bystander Training (for all employees)
  • Learn more below

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Available Free Training

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Overview of Enough Already Project

Who’s it for?

Suitable for a general audience, including both employers and employees.

Topics covered:

  • What is sexual harassment in Saskatchewan?
  • Relevant legislation and definitions
  • The role of prevention
  • Workplace best practices
  • Supports for employees
  • How organizations can work collaboratively with us

*This workshop is also available in a plain language format, suitable for young and EAL (English as an additional language) learners.

Bystander Leadership Training

Who’s it for?

Beneficial for both employees and employers.

Topics covered:

  • What is sexual harassment in Saskatchewan?
  • Tangible tools for responding when an issue arises
  • Barriers to coming forward
  • Impact on Indigenous women, members of the gender and sexually diverse community, people living with disabilities, immigrant and refugee women, and others
  • Supporting the development of empathy
  • How to respond to disclosures
  • Interactive discussions on how to approach a situation
  • Assistance with reporting and understanding options available
  • Referrals and support systems available

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Overview for Employers

Who’s it for?

Ideal for management/HR specialists and small business owners.

Topics covered:

  • What is sexual harassment in Saskatchewan?
  • Relevant legislation and definitions
  • Roles and responsibilities of the employer
  • The importance of an anti-harassment policy
  • The business case for a harassment-free workplace
  • Preventative measures an employer can take
  • Resources available for employees who have experienced sexual harassment
  • Further resources available for employers on the Enough Already website

A Trauma-informed Response to Disclosures (coming soon)

Who’s it for?

Designed for management, HR specialists and organizational leadership.

Topics covered:

  • What is trauma response?
  • How trauma response may impact investigations
  • Best practices on how to respond to disclosures

Don’t see the workshop you need?

We recognize that every workplace is different. The Enough Already SK team is happy to work with you to customize a presentation to match the needs of your workplace.

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